Managed Services

Managed services can be adapted to almost any business need in the IT arena. Managed Services often include running applications (Application Managed Services), databases, data recovery and back-up, network management (Network Managed Services), storage, security, and monitoring. That’s just a start.

Many small businesses don’t consider managed services because they think it would be too expensive or that their business doesn’t warrant that kind of management. Etorient makes it easy to understand, we make it save your time, money and free you from routine work to concentrate on new customer and better service.

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Cloud Advisory

At ETORIENT, we offer a suite of transformation solutions ranging from initial adoption strategy to virtualization transformation to cloud solutions to ensure that you are able to maximize and maintain the benefits from your virtualization investments.

Our Cloud Advisory Services deliver enterprise-class cloud solutions. We provide the tools and work with you to align your operational procedures with your new solutions framework to achieve optimal business results. Whether your goal is to envision the opportunities cloud can offer, analyze your gaps, build your implementation roadmap, prioritize the workloads you put on the cloud, design your cloud, adapt your organization or all of the above, ETORIENT Cloud Advisory Services will help you effectively adopt cloud and realize its benefits.

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We help you to assess,identify and outsource your existing work which is actually causing bottlnecks in terms of time and cost. Outsourcing exist for a time now in industry but so far most of the benefits are available for the big organisations because their operational scale. We at Etorient make those benefits available to all negeting the scale factor.

Outsourcing is good as long as its is wel managed. It brings you more time to concentrate on your core skills and get other work dome for the respective SME's. Outsourcing can save you cost, time or both.

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Procurement & Training

We’ll assess your procurement and sourcing goals and objectives and build a program that addresses the specific issues your organization faces. Etorient can provide you with the knowledge and necessary tools to successfully reduce costs and ensure your competitive edge. Fully customizable to your organization’s size, maturity, and budget, our training programs helps you progress through gaining knowledge, to building capabilities, to improving skills, and finally, to growing ideas.

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Startup Advisory

India is becoming another startup hub and its growing evryday. Talented people are bringing new concepts for doing things in better way. ETORIENT is assisting startups in India at very early stage with their setup, idea validation, company formation formation of advisory board, finding investors, etc.

Startup culture is very young, energetic and adaptive hence having advisory support is very critical for every startup. It helps them to make more sound decisions, It helps them to look at the things from various perspective. Analyze and validate challenge at early stage.

We also provide application development and technical as well as functional outsourcing for startups.

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Brand Therapy

ETORIENT can help you with boosting your organisations brand image. We do consultancy in area of brand promotions, rebranding, debranding. Since older days brand remained very important asset of the company.

We use modern tools to achieve the desired effects as per your expectations. We assist you to draw the brand promotion statagy and align various tools and measures to achive results. We assured you of the same luxurious treatment for your brand as that of well known firms.

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